Dec 30, 2011

Breakfast Sandwich

Egg rings
I bought these the other day, and after reading all of the comments, I do suggest that you dip them in olive oil before using them. Fortunately, I learned a lot of Italian cooking while growing up, and have a lot of it in my pantry.

BUT, my point of this entry is about how awesome these are if you use them properly. My son was with me last weekend, and usually eats Pop Tarts for breakfast, but as his father, I strove to provide him a better option, without having to run to McDonald's for a meal. I made it at home.

Breakfast sandwich
Because they are a new item in my kitchen, I poured a raw egg into one ring, and poured a scrambled egg into the other, just to see the difference. I then took each result, put it on an English muffin, with cheese and a home-made burger, and served it.

End result? We will occasionally have "breakfast for dinner."

I served it with a side of hash brown patties. Score one for me.

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