Dec 29, 2011

Snow Removal Without a Shovel

By living in an apartment complex, you meet a lot of people and occasionally learn something from them. Today I learned how to remove the ice from my sidewalk without using a shovel and ice scraper. Use a 35 cent container of common table salt.

The first picture shows what the sidewalk looked like at the start.

Was snow on top of 1/4" of ice, slick as all hell, even my dog slide down the length of it.

After spreading the container of salt, I could actually HEAR the crackling of the ice as the salt interacted with it.

Like a bowl of Rice Crispies...SNAP CRACKLE POP

After 15 mins
The second picture shows what it looked like after 15 minutes of spreading the salt.

 I actually stood out there with a stopwatch and cheap cigar to time it. Enjoyed watching the stopwatch more than I enjoyed the cigar.

1 hour later
The last picture shows what it looked like 1 hour later.

So, it was EASY to clear the sidewalk. And cheap, only 35 cents, less than the cost of a cup of coffee. And, time well spent...

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