Jan 2, 2012

Homemade Firebowl

Need to add some "ambiance" to your patio table? Well...I had been thinking about it and did a little searching for it, from a "DIY" stance since that is more of who I am.

I came across this blog post, and just had to share it: Rock Bowl w/ Flames.

What I like about it, is that you can make your own bowls very easily. When getting the Quickset concrete, you'll have enough to make a couple of these. And, using your "imagination," you can try some other things to enhance them.

Of course, you can always hand paint some designs on the outside, but they also do make some special dyes that you can add to the concrete to give it that special "feeling" without much more work.

Another thought that I had, was how I could cut down on even having to spend "that" much time to make the project.

I have several small clay pots that are simply cluttering up my garage. So, maybe I'll just try to figure out how to fill the bottom space in the pot, insert the gel packs, and surround them with rocks I collect when I'm hiking in the woods.

Bear in mind, that the gel packs that you get to use as the flame, may vary in COLOR based on what they are intended for. Play around with a few brands to vary the color of the flame, and to enhance the mood it is designed for.

I'll post again if I ever get my truly home made versions fired up...

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