Jan 2, 2012

Headlights When Driving

I live south of Cleveland, Ohio and since we are in the winter season, there is a lot of snow and ice. My point is related to the entry about Night Driving and lights, in particular; headlights. Why don't people turn their lights on when they should? Just because you can see everyone else while you are driving, doesn't mean that we can see YOU if your lights are off. Especially if it is raining, snowing or is at dusk and you are in a white/silver/grey (2011 Color Popularity Report) vehicle coming up behind us, passing us, or coming the other way.

Most vehicles now come with Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) which makes you more visible to others. I actually keep my low beam headlights on ALL the time. I want to be as visible as possible to everyone. Regardless of the time of day, weather, conditions, etc. Part of that comes from learning to drive from my grandfather & he told me I should always do it, but also from getting the motorcycle endorsement on my license and learning why motorcycles are required by law in nearly all states. VISIBILITY

Speaking of "laws," I did some research on my state laws on headlights, and the Ohio Code 4513.03 (summarized HERE and detailed HERE) clearly says that headlights must be on from sunset to sunrise & any time that windshield wipers are being used due to precipitation on the windshield. How many people are driving home from work or the mall, just before dinner, but don't have their lights on? Remember, in winter the daytime light is the shortest.

According to the law today (1/2/12) and Wunderground.com, I must have my headlights on from 5:09 PM until 7:53 AM. How many people do you pass that are on their way to work or home from work, that don't have their lights on? And what about how bad the weather is? A white vehicle, in the morning/evening during a snow storm is severely dangerous to encounter.

Please folks, look up your state laws, learn them, know them, and think about everyone else out there on the road...driving is now defensive not offensive... Safe driving.

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