Feb 7, 2012

Lightning from the Wall

My "retro" charging station
I might be considered "retro," but I'm not as old as Ben Franklin flying his kite with a key attached to channel electricity into my apartment. But, with the advances in electricity demands coming out (iPods, iPads, cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc.), our energy needs are a little different now. So are the ways we have to plug them in to recharge. I did some searching for ways to channel the electricity to where it is needed, as proficiently as possible.

When I was a homeowner, I thought NOTHING of cutting out part of the wall, rewiring the outlets, and making them multi-gang outlets. Now that I live in an apartment, my landlord frowns on that. I resorted to using a plug strip next to my end table so I could plug in and charge up all of my stuff. But, in the pursuit of not only a cleaner method, but the addition of a USB charger, I came across the following, and thought I'd share it with you.

RCA Wall Plate Charger
I've always striven to follow technology because there is a little bit of a geek in me. But part of doing that has required me to follow the leading companies that move forward in development. So, the first solution I discovered for consolidating yet expanding my electricity needs was RCA coming out with the USB wall plate charger. How AWESOME is it to be able to have a three prong plug AND 2 USB charging stations right next to you?!?!

Job well done, and for only about $20.

However, since following technological advances, I've always been drawn to what Belkin has developed. It is as if they read my mind for what I'd like to see and what I want.

Since I spend a LOT of time in my car, I was looking for a way to charge my phone, my iPod, and my HP Tablet; by using the USB connection that comes with each item. I first purchased this Belkin product to make that happen (click HERE).

Belkin Wall Charger
But, as I have the time to do some research, I found that Belkin offers another option for doing that in the house. So, I will be getting one of THESE to put next to my end table and retire my retro plug strip...for also under $20...

Bottom line, there are some ways that you can streamline your charging needs but not sacrifice your USB connections on your computer or the plug space needed on the wall to make that happen...happy charging...

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  1. One caveat. I have (two of) the earlier travel version of the belkin 3-prong (3) + usb (2). It's great, but the USB ports are (as I understand it) 5V, 500mA each or up to 5V, 1,000mA(1A) if only one is used. Having said that, most tablets require 1.8A - 2.0A (larger screen and all) so these USB ports are not particularly useful.

    The HP Touchpad comes with a 5V, 2.0 A power supply. Just a warning that you may still need the wall wart for some devices. Having said that, I still find the 120V/5V(USB) surge suppressors useful.