Feb 22, 2012

CFL vs. Incandescent

I came across an Apartment Therapy How to Buy the Right CFL cheat sheet that shares a little more info about choosing to transition from incandescent to CFLs or LED bulbs.
Living in an apartment can sure change your perspective about light bulbs. The complex I live in has in the leasing contract that the "resident will replace all light bulbs with CFLs." So, being curious about them, I did some research and performed my own "field trials" with them.

There are several countries that have already enacted laws to prohibit incandescent lights and the U.S. isn't far behind them in doing it too. The best summary of what has been happening globally with CFLs and incandescent can be found at Wikipedia. And the best site to explain the differences between CFLs and incandescent can be found by clicking on Earth Friends. To keep this entry short, I won't bore you with all of the details, just share my opinion.

In trialing CFL bulbs in my apartment, I've purchased different lumen amounts because that is what sets the "shade" of the bulb. I have some that are considered soft and shed a more yellow shade of light. I also have some that are higher in lumen output, that are more white. Depending on where I use them, dictates what and how I can see things. I use the softer ones in my living room and bedroom, while using the whiter ones in the kitchen & bathroom. There is definitely a difference. It would behoove you to learn a little about lumen levels to better pick the CFL bulbs you use.

Overall, I am happy about using CFLs because they save some costs in my electric bill but learning more about them helps me choose which ones I buy and use where in my apartment. The only problem I have with them, is that you can't just throw them in the trash because they contain mercury and the complex I live in doesn't have a recycling program for them. But I'm working on that too...

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