Oct 2, 2012

Dozer Again

Hey... This is Dozer again, I guess I do have a thumb or just have gotten really good at typing with one paw. Regardless, just wanted to share some perspectives.

I don't appreciate that my companion brought another dog into my life, but I can understand why he did. Having another pup around keeps me involved in life, and it is my responsibility to help train him to be a good companion. Plus, he saved his life, so I have to give him a little credit.

He saved me too, when he welcomed me into his house. I was extremely overweight, and had rear hip issues that were threatening to shorten my life. I'll never forget the first time he met me, I licked him all over and he didn't have a problem with that. I pooped in his yard, and he just laughed. A week later, I came to live with him.  He even slept on the dining room floor with me for 2 months while my hip surgery healed so I wouldn't have to go up the stairs. While I am considered a "large" breed, I was raised around 6 other Great Danes, so I was small in comparison. But he welcomed me in.

He changed my name to "Dozer" because on my first visit, I bulldozed through his Christmas tree, and I like to sleep all the time (to "doze"). He could change my name because I'm deaf, so whatever he verbally says to me, I ignore. Unfortunately he knows American Sign Language (ASL), so he talks to me all the time. I've had to endure several diatribes by watching his fingers, but at least we can talk. I just wish I had thumbs to talk back to him, but I do have a tongue and a tail to wag, so he knows what I mean.

Overall, life has been pretty damn good with him. He is my buddy, keeps me warm in winter, cool in summer, and always has water for me. I'm trying to teach Mickey Finn to be his next companion, but he is definitely challenging. Time will tell... stay tuned...

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