Oct 25, 2012

Fitting the Bun

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We all spend our lives trying to do things to "fit in" with what is going on around us. I was thinking about that on the drive home today, and then instantly shifted to what I  was going to make for dinner. Then, I blended the thoughts and came to the conclusion that I even make my food "fit in" to what is going to be around it. Mainly this is about hamburgers and how you eat them. Some use a bun, some use 2 pieces of bread, I use a 6" tortilla. What does this mean about "fitting in?"

Tortilla Burgers
If using a bun, make the burger a circle, if using bread, make it square, and if using a tortilla, make it like you see pictured at the right (a long ellipse). I do that so I can place the burger on the lettuce, tomato, and relish; but then am able to fold over each side and then the bottom of the tortilla. If I made it round, it wouldn't fold well, and everything would drip out the bottom and stain my clothes.

If using 2 pieces of bread, making it as a square eliminates the "dead zone" created by a round burger. If using bread, I use a large glass to cut the slices into circles to get rid of the crust, and fit the burger.

I shared my Grandma's Burgers recipe and the comparison between Bread vs. Tortillas. To expand that, here is a bun vs. 2 pieces of bread vs. a 6" tortilla. The info about the condiments or burger isn't included because the same amount of each is used. The data comes from the other entries and the bun from MyFitnessPal. The highest info is in red, the mid with yellow and the lowest with green. Remind you of a stop light?

Nickles Italian BreadLa Banderita TortillaHamburger Bun
Serving Size 2 slices 1 tortilla1 bun
Calories 16081120
Total Fat 2 g.7 g2 g
Sodium 360 mg209 mg206 mg
Total Carbohydrates 30 g15 g21 g
     Sugars 2 g0 g3 g

Notice anything there? Which one has the most green lights? The tortilla has the least calories, total fat, and carbs (especially sugar carbs). Grab a calculator and double all of those numbers if you eat 2 burgers (like most of us do). Scary, isn't it?

Another benefit to using tortillas for sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, burritos, soft tacos, and darn near everything else; I don't buy a loaf a bread for the sandwiches, a package of hamburger buns, a package of hot dog buns, AND a package of tortillas. One package does them all, especially if you rip the tortilla in half for hot dogs. The 6" tortillas cost a LOT less than the others, and you get more of them. The family pack that I buy has 20. To equate, I would have to buy 2.5 packs of hamburger buns and 2 packs of hot dog buns. That dramatically increases the cost of buns vs. tortillas.

I watch my diet and keep some money in my pocket. Both allow me to get that special Snickers bar every month without draining the wallet and feeling the guilt if my waist expands... Bottom line, make it all fit YOU.
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