Oct 10, 2012

Job Search

English: P icon with a newspaper
English: P icon with a newspaper
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Job hunting SURE has changed in the last 20 years. Recently I had to put my big toe back in the job search pool. Back in the day, we found jobs by scouring the local classified ads in the paper, drove around looking for "NOW HIRING" signs, and talking to family members or friends about where they work and if they were hiring. Today we can search the Internet, join Monster.com, LinkedIn, or several other sites to promote ourselves. Not only do you get to search for jobs all over the globe and apply for them, but with a good profile, sometimes THEY CALL YOU.

I found this out when I updated my profile on Monster, and spent HOURS just surfing the web. I could see all of the classified ads on the newspaper pages, but also on sites like Career Builders and Monster. I updated my Monster profile, uploaded a resume, and within a few hours, the phone was ringing off the hook by recruiters that use it to find potential employees. I didn't have to apply to those companies to get a call FROM them, they called me.

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On the phone I could deny any that didn't meet my goals, while grocery shopping. Saved me a lot of time & driving compared to 20 years ago. Didn't have to drive to the interview, find out about the company there, and then decide that it wasn't a fit. Listening to the person describe what was being looked for, and jumping online to Google that company, showed more than I needed to turn down
the offer of an interview. I did accept interviews with 2 companies within hours of the update to those that appealed to me. Within 3 days, I interviewed and was offered a position, and accepted it.

My first job search (20 years ago) before it returned a request for an interview:
  • Talking to a friend's father (2 hours)
  • Sending an updated resume (1 hour)
  • Waiting for a phone call (1 month)
  • Driving to the first interview (2 hours)
  • Interview 1 (2 hours)
  • Driving home (2 hours)
  • Waiting for 2nd interview (4 months)
  • Driving to and from the 2nd interview (4 hours)
  • Time of 2nd interview (4 hours)
  • ACCEPTING THE JOB (10 seconds)
Now, for the recent process:
  • Updating resume (1 hour)
  • Updating my Monster profile (10 minutes)
  • Waiting for a phone call (4 hours)
  • Drive time to and from (70 minutes, 26 miles roundtrip)
  • Interview 1 (10 minutes)
  • Waiting for phone call for a 2nd (3 hours)
  • Second interview (8 hours in the field)
  • Waiting for 3rd interview call (18 hours)
  • ACCEPTING THE JOB (10 seconds)
Do you see now how that the fast pace of life that we live in can impact your life dramatically? Getting the 1st job took me over 5 months and several hundreds of driving, the 2nd one took me 3 days without much driving. I'm not saying that you can achieve the same results, but comparing what I did 2 decades ago to what is possible now, amazes me, and keeps cash in my wallet (yeah, I still actually use one).

Stay out there, keep searching, stay social and ask your family/friends about where they are, keep applying, and make sure it is all up to date (online profiles, resume, etc.) I enjoy the job search pool a LOT more today than I did "back in the day..."

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