Sep 29, 2012

Comparison of Lifestyle

Just thought I would summarize a lot of research I've done for this blog (some entries haven't been made yet, they are in draft). You pick which lifestyle you have, and maybe you can get some advice from the ramblings of my mind...and the research I've turned up.

I've decided that there are 3 basic types of lifestyles out there and I'm going to share MY perspectives about them. Again, these are MY perspectives, so don't waste time telling me that I'm wrong just because YOUR perspective may be a little different from mine. Know also, that I am a bit of each of these, depending on my mood that particular day, the experience I am having, and what amount of time I have to expend.
  • Efficient - defined on as "performing or functioning in the best possible manner with the least waste of time and effort." My perspective: very busy people (work, school, family, hobbies, etc), that strive to be efficient in experiencing life by simply purchasing objects or hiring others to do the personal projects because they don't have a lot of time or experience.
  • DIY - My perspective is that they too are busy people, but strive to experience life by using some of their time & skills as a hobby to save money to create what they want, and will solicit friends to assist if needed on a personal project.
  • Hippie - My perspective is that they stay busy by floating through life by finding ways to recycle things they use, collect, and obtain; which is inspired by the things that sift through their minds, how they can use them, give life to something, is a "green way" to live, and yet also reduces the costs of their out-of-pocket costs.
So, what am I "really" getting at in this entry. I had to explain some things, so you can understand the table below, where I share a topic and then compare how each of the 3 will deal with it, IMHO. If the entry is a link, it is to an entry on my blog about it. Yeah, I've lived through this...

Topic EfficientDIYHippie
Colored flames in the fireplace Duraflame Colorlog DIY Colored PineconesNewspaper Logs & Colored Pinecones
Reduce costs due to cooking Eat out more!!!Use a Toaster Oven & Crock Pot vs. a Full Oven  Hobo Pies in the backyard, Newspaper Logs & Collected Firewood
Driving Limo!!!Carpool & work localWalk, ride bike, or work at home
Stay warm in winter Fire up the furnace!!!Set thermostat to the recommended settings & layer up a littleSet thermostat to the recommended settings, layer up a little, find a Snuggle Buddy
Stay cool in summer Warp drive on the A/C all the time!!!Set thermostat to the recommended settings Set thermostat to the recommended settings but what are these "pajamas" you are saying are needed?
Media Entertainment OperaMovie theater once in a while, Netflix, video storeDVD from the library, read a book, swap movies with friends, look at the stars...
Saving water in the toilet I use the newest toilet at 1.6 gpfInstall a Dual Flush Kit or use an 1/2 gallon milk carton"If it's yellow, let it mellow...
If it's brown, flush it down..."
Furniture Arhaus, they deliver & set it upIKEA, I'll put it together myselfDumpster Diving!!!
Popcorn Commercial brand & at the theaterAir popperKernels in a brown bag, and I can recycle the bag after.

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