Sep 16, 2012

Dozer Again

Hey, howdy, hey!!! Dozer here companion took off to get a pizza or something, so I took over his Mac for this blog entry. Just thought I'd bring you up to date on life here. Yeah, I don't have a thumb, but I've learned how to single tap thanks to him.

A few months ago he decided to bring home another dog, that has been a challenge since day one. I congratulate him for not letting them put him down, but he's made my life difficult.

So far, we had to drag my favorite recliner to the dumpster, he's chewed the corners of an ottoman, the sofa, some door jambs, and dug a tunnel in the mattress where I sleep, and never shuts up with his barking... damn him for not being deaf like me...

While he has learned the sign language signals to keep my companion quiet, he has a LONG way to go to become where I am. I guess it is my duty to raise him as a mirror image of me... In due time.

Anyway, I respect my companion for adopting him to save him from the needle, but my brother has some things to learn... Good luck Mickey Finn...


  1. Yep, and at this pace, he might get one in his water bowl... (j/k)