Sep 20, 2012

Apartment Living - Part V

You've used the criteria in Part I to choose a community, you used the info in Part II to fine tune your criteria, used Part III to actually read the lease and decided to communicate with the office, and perused Part IV about dealing with letters (especially eviction notices). So where are we now? Deciding how much we like where we are going to living somewhere...

Christmas 2010
Can you hang drapes? Probably, check the lease or contact the office and ask. Can you paint the walls a different color or put a mural? Check the lease or contact the office. Can I have a pet run or let them run free (because they are so good and loving)? Check the lease or contact the office. Can I use a fire pit/bowl or barbecue? Check the lease or contact the office. Can I hang holiday lights above my front door/garage door/barbecue grill or have a live-cut Christmas tree? Check the lease or contact the office.

See where this is going? It is all about understanding the lease you signed, and what the office can share about polices that lead up to getting a notice. There is a LOT of latitude allowed to the residents, as long as they COMMUNICATE with the office, know the lease, and can rectify it when moving out. That will be the next part of this series, how to get most of the security deposit back. But that is another topic.

Congrats on moving to a new place, reading the current lease, complying with the policies, and just reading this series...

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