Jul 6, 2012

Journey of the Hot Dog

WTF Casserole
It started by having dinner at a local restaurant that specializes in hot dogs. They have over 37 different ways that can be ordered. They come in "regular" size and "jumbo." I usually get the Old Yellar. But then I wanted some simple was for making hot dog meals in my own kitchen, in different ways beyond the "normal." I'm a little old school and keep a tablet and pen next to my computer and take copious notes. I don't know where some of this info originated, these were just the thoughts I jotted down.

Other than all of the traditional ways we've always prepared hot dogs, I only tended to use the WTF Casserole recipe that was jotted down on the back of an envelope in my recipe box. The first new way I tried a hot dog, was by using leftover mashed potatoes. Slit the cooked dog 7/8 of the way through along the length, and fill it with some leftover mashed potatoes (heated in the microwave). It actually was AWESOME. Next time I'll grab some leftover shredded cheese as a topping. I ate it rolled in a tortilla since I don't eat bread or buns.

But I came across a LOT more info that I scribbled in my notebook, and here is what I'll be endeavoring to bring the sensations of eating hot dogs this summer, to the forefront.

Do NOT boil hot dogs. Bring water to a boiling point, turn to simmer. Put dogs in for 20 minutes. Check the temp of the dog with an instant thermometer, but do not boil them.
Use a Dutch oven or stock pot with a steamer rack (like veggies) by bringing the water to a boil, turn to low, place the dogs in, cover tightly and steam for 5-7 minutes. Put the buns on top of them for the last 2 minutes or tortillas for the last 45 seconds.
Grilling requires turning them every couple of minutes, just when they start to darken, but before they become burnt (unless you want them that way). Hot dogs basically have 4 sides to them, so turn them over after about 2 minutes per side. Which means it takes about 8 minutes to grill them.
Over a true fire (when camping or using that fire pit) means dogs should be put OVER the flames or embers, but NOT in the flame itself.
We marinate a steak and add a marinade to poultry, why not a hot dog? I did manage to jot down the URL of a marinade for Grilled Hot Dogs (click the link to go there, I'm not copying and pasting).
Spiral Cutting the Dog
A link to the Why You Should Spiral-Cut Your Hot Dog for Grilling explains in a video an easy step, and provides some sound reasons why you should. I especially like the fact that the spiral cut prevents the relish and onions from sliding off and stops it from curling up at the ends.

Hmmmm....maybe I'll combine the last 2 points about marinating and spiral cutting into a single option of cutting first, THEN marinating... I'll keep you posted.

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