May 11, 2012

The Last Straw

My other entry about using the tab on a soda can to hold your straw and keep insects out of your drink, made me think about something from my youth. Yeah, from spending time with my grandparents. I spent a lot of time with them in the kitchen, so there were always a lot of "drinks" around. And, the best way to sip them was through a straw. When was the last time you made and enjoyed a Black Cow? Since there were a lot of glasses around, my grandparents had a lot of straws. Usually they were they were the inexpensive plastic ones, but since my grandfather used to work in a bar, he actually had some made of glass. So, I decided to do some research about current "trends" in straws.

To summarize, I'll keep it less technical and more informative. According to what I've read about the history of straws, the first ones were made from paper or reeds found in the local marsh. Things evolved, and they were eventually made from glass and metal. And yes, like you get at any local fast food restaurant, plastic. Did you know that McDonald's give away nearly 52 million plastic straws per day? And they are all thrown away. Not to be remiss, how many packages of plastic straws do YOU buy every week?

Okay, to get on the hippie soapbox and make a statement. Remember that most plastic straws are made from petroleum and then you throw them away after one use. With today's cost of oil, why continue to use a disposable item that increases the draining of the oil fields? And, when they are disposed, they end up in the dump, where they will never truly degrade. Not to mention how many toxins plastic emits (while you are drinking that beverage or when you dispose of it).

Pic from Glass Dharma
I guess I'll just summarize that because of my concern about the Earth (reducing the use of oil and the toxins in the dump) and because I am a fairly retro kind of guy, I'll be ordering some glass straws from the following sites. They come with a cleaning brush and are dishwasher approved (so I'll know they are sterile). And some sites have the different sizes available for different drinks. Yeah, technology progression is a good thing...

Decide where you stand on being more organic...and happy sipping... The following links are to sites that provide you the option of having non-oil/toxic straws. They might not work for the "thread the soda can tab" thought, but they can be decorative, personalized, straight and bent, reusable, a cost savings, and most important - life enjoyable.

Where to get straws:

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