May 7, 2012

Soda Can Ideas

The weather was finally nice enough yesterday for all of my neighbors to venture out and sit on the patios and fire up the grills. As we were sitting around chatting, we were talking about how being outside in the summer is sometimes painful because of the yellowjackets and the open cans of soda they are attracted to.

One of my neighbors said he once took a sip of a can of soda and was stung on the inside of his mouth because a bee had gotten into the can. Another neighbor showed us a simple trick to help prevent it. Simply turn the tab on the top around, and they can't get in.  Or if they do manage to slip in, that will prevent them from getting into your mouth when you take a sip. And yeah, that trick won't stop any ants or small flies that are attracted to the sweet drink, but at least they won't sting you if you swallow them.

That brought something to mind that I learned from my grandfather. Ever notice that if you use a straw in a can of pop (yeah, that's what we call it here), that it will rise up and fall out? My grandfather showed me that turning the tab and threading the straw through it, the tension prevents it from floating up and falling out. I never thought about just turning the tab to keep the insects out.

It also brought to mind something my dentist hygienist told me. She told me that using a straw when drinking a pop or sugary drink helps keep more sugar off of your teeth because people tend to swallow faster when using a straw. Keeping sugar off your teeth is important to help prevent cavities.

So as the "bottom line," when outside, turn the tab on the can of pop you are drinking and use a straw. It helps prevent yellowjackets and sugar from hurting your inner mouth.

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