Apr 28, 2012

Pantry Raiding

Once again, I followed some of the advice that my grandma instilled in me. "When you are going away from home for more than a few days, make sure you empty the fridge and leave the home clean. That way when you get back, it all seems new." I went away for a few days so before I left, I made sure I didn't have any food in the fridge that would spoil, and I cleaned up the apartment.

After a 9 hour drive to get back, it was extremely comforting to hit the garage door opener, pull in, and enter a clean apartment, especially with Dozer. What I DIDN'T have on the day I got back, was a plan on what I would have for dinner. So, I engaged yet another thing that grandma instilled in me, "Always have a stock of food on hand, and use it to make a potluck meal." So, I raided the pantry.

As you can see, I took some frozen vegetables and steamed them. I took a can of tomato sauce, added a bunch of Italian herbs, and made a sauce. I made some noodles (grandma made me repeat the saying "I will ALWAYS have noodles in the pantry"). I also had a bag of frozen shrimp that I didn't use in my last making of jambalaya, so I sauteed them in my cast iron skillet.

Then, when they were all done cooking...I drained the noodles, and combined all of the ingredients in a bowl, and dove in. It was AMAZING!!!

This is a recipe that I will make more in the future, but on purpose...not just because I had to raid the pantry. My lesson about all of this is simple...keep the place clean if you are going to be away for a while (you will enjoy coming back again)...keep some stable items in your pantry, and don't be afraid to combine several of them all together into a potluck meal. There are several other pantry raid recipes on the Food & Stuff page above.

Yeah, grandma would be proud...

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