Apr 9, 2012

Italian Irish BBQ Poultry Taco - By Dozer

Dozer in a pensive mood
It's been a while since I took over my buddy's laptop, but  you were due for another thumb-less entry. Yeah, this is Dozer again. I kinda hibernated over the winter, but now that it is spring, I took over his keyboard while he was out on one of his walk-abouts for exercise.

I finally figured out why I actually SMILE when I see him in the kitchen and the light is switched on...cause I know he's about to create yet another Italian Irish BBQ Poultry Dairy Taco... Thank goodness that he cooks based on the philosophy that "food is about the senses...it shouldn't just be about the eyes, but the TASTE needs to be involved..."

Which translate into:
Italian for the spices he grabs from the cupboard
Irish cause it always involves some form of shredded potatoes
BBQ because it involves extra country sauces
Poultry because he uses quite a bit of chicken, eggs, or turkey
Dairy because he NEVER is unable to use home shredded cheese
Taco because it ends up being all wrapped in a tortilla

He'll have to get me some Chapstick© because of how much I lick my lips while watching, and get some Kleenex because my nose goes into overdrive while it is all being created, but he smiles so broadly because he knows that he save the last few bites.... JUST FOR ME. And, he lets me lick the plate.

Yeah, all dogs should wish they could live with my buddy... I can tell he loves me... Read the posts on his Food & Stuff page to find out the delicious things that he's let me sample...

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