Aug 18, 2012

Italian JoJo's & Breakfast Burrito for Dinner

Italian JoJo's & Breakfast Burrito for Dinner
With a teenage son around, it is hard enough to keep him fed, let alone find time to blog. So, today I'm putting a personal, easy recipe for Italian JoJo's  and a suggestion they can accompany for a filling dinner. The idea was inspired by my question to him about "what do you want for dinner?" He replied "breakfast for dinner." So here goes, dinner for 2.

Italian JoJo's
  • 2 baking potatoes (scrubbed but not peeled)
  • mixed Italian herbs
  • olive oil
  1. Preheat the oven to 420° F/ 215° C while you cut the potatoes into 3/8 " (9.5 mm) wedges
  2. Put them in a large bowl, cover them with olive oil, and use your bare hands to get them coated with oil
  3. Oil a baking dish evenly
  4. Put the wedges in the baking dish, standing on their peel side when possible
  5. Sprinkle as much Italian herbs over them as you desire
  6. Bake 30-35 minutes, keeping an eye on them for the last 5-10, until they are the way you like them
Breakfast Burritos

  • 5 eggs
  • 5 TBSP milk
  • Italian herb mix (as much as you want)
  • Sausage links (amount depends on size of each one)
  • 4 soft taco sized tortillas (6 inches / 15 cm)
  1. Put the sausage links in a cold skillet with enough water to cover the bottom 1/4 of them, turn burner on medium, cover skillet
  2. Beat the eggs, milk, and Italian herbs in a bowl
  3. Pour the egg mixture into another large skillet (also set to medium)
  4. Monitor sausage links and the eggs. Eggs will take 5-8 mins, sausage will depend on the directions on the package, but they need to reach 170° F / 77° C internal temp
  5. Fold the egg mixture over on itself halfway through the cooking time, when done, cut into four sections to fit on the tortillas
  6. Wrap eggs & links in the tortillas as a breakfast sandwich
Personal Comments
2 recipes in one blog entry is a bit much, but so is raising a teenaged son. Take them individually if you want, at least you don't have to click any more links to get to them all.
Consider doing "breakfast for dinner" once in a while. Occasionally having scrambled eggs, pancakes, or French toast for dinner and it can be really enjoyable.
Watch your times. Overall, this only takes about 20 minutes to prep the potatoes and get them in, but you have to watch the clock to get the sausage links and eggs done so they all arrive on the buffet.
Make them assemble their own burritos as soon as possible.
Roll the bottom of a burrito / wrap from the bottom first, then the sides. Prevents juices from dripping out of the corners.
Add as many FLAVORS that you want. I add Tabasco and a slice of cheese to mine, but my son didn't want it.
Served with a glass of milk, some cut fresh fruit, and a dessert (as desired), this is awesome!

Cooking according to a recipe is a guideline, not a law book. Use what you DESIRE. That is what my grandmother always told me...

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