Dec 6, 2012

Hot Dog Fiend

Have to admit, I'm a hot dog fiend. Always have been, always will be. I had a job as a contractor, and "back in my day," the quickest way to eat was at a convenience store by grabbing a couple of dogs and eating them in the parking lot (Sheetz has the best ones, IMHO). Then I worked in a convenience store, so the best meal I could get was a dog (on the roller cooker). And even now, whenever I am going past a dog house, my left hand causes my car to automatically pull over. This entry is about the 2 most awesome dog houses I've encountered.

I fell into doggie heaven when I moved to Medina, Ohio. Just north of the town square, I discovered Dan's Dogs. I got to know the owner very well, and even though it used to be a bar when he bought it, he felt it should change it to meet the community. Their menu has over 35 different ways that you can order your dog, and in 2 different sizes (regular or jumbo). But he kept the decor like it was back in the 50s. How can you turn down a diner setting that has that many options for dogs down? Every time I go there, I always order the Dog Paws and 2 jumbo Old Yellers. He even has an annual hot dog eating contest. They even have an antique Wurlitzer juke box that still plays 45 RPM vinyl records.

Then one day at work, my car automatically pulled me into a driveway for the Doghouse in Bedford, OH. A very small place, used to be a barber shop, but definitely worth the stop (dog topped with my choices, bag of chips, and a can of pop, less than $4). They are reported as having the best hot corned beef sandwich too. So if you are down on Broadway, make sure you stop here, don't blink, you might pass it. There are 2 stools that you can sit on inside, but the best way is to eat them at the picnic table outside, or in the front seat of your car.

To bottom line it, I'm a hot dog fiend. I've boiled them, nuked them, baked them, made casseroles with them, grilled them, put them on a stick and cooked them over a camp fire, put them on a toothpick and cooked them with a Zippo. I've tried the beef ones, the mixed ones, the "home made" ones, and the new turkey based ones. As long as they involve mustard, relish, chili, and cheese... I'm good to go. Enjoy your lunch...

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