Dec 27, 2012

Ground Meat Comparison

Since I'm an "adult" now, I've always tried to watch what I eat. But I got into a conversation with my son about how closely I watch it. Fortunately I research everything, and have actually learned some things from the next generation. I was brought up that ground turkey was better for you than ground beef. But guess what? In all of my research, butchers have caught up to the difference. This entry is about comparing the nutritional contents of ground beef to ground turkey.

"Back in the day," I was brought up that ground turkey was better for you than ground beef. But, the manufacturers of beef have progressed. So, here is my research between the two (due to research on buying both, and online). I'm going to share the RAW information, since I don't know how you prepare it... The ground meat for turkey was 97/3 and the beef was 95/5.

     Turkey          Beef    
Serving Size 100g100g
Calories 149137
Calories from fat 7545
Total Fat 8g5g
Saturated Fat 2g2g
Cholesterol 79mg62mg
Sodium 94mg66mg
Carbs 00
Protein 17g21g
Vitamin A 00
Calcium 1%1%
Vitamin C 0%0%
Iron 7%13%

Bottom line? HMMMMM. Seems to me that beef is healthier than turkey. The only real differences are in taste and price. Beef costs more than turkey, but it is "better" for you if you can find the right blend. It ultimately comes down to selection of the mix. I compared apples to apples here. If you select a lower cut of meat, that will change the chart. But, you need to watch it if you care about your health...

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