Jun 22, 2012

Blogging Rant

It surprises me to write a blog entry about blog entries, but here goes. The ways we share things with our friends and families have changed a lot since it used to only require us to write a letter. But think about that, we used to WRITE. Now we can take pictures, videos, text, and call people on our cell phones. Then immediately post them on YouTube, Facebook, or our own blog. Don't get me wrong, I embrace advances in technology, but think about your audience when you post something.

Most people post entries when we are awake...which is during the daytime, and most of us are at work. Most places we work at do not appreciate and some forbid, personal surfing. So, if you post a video as the only content of your entry, most likely it won't be viewed. Include a TEXT based explanation so we can decide if we should check it out many hours later on our computer when we get home.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1831) by Victor H...
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1831) by Victor Hugo (1840-1902) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It also makes me wonder where our "culture" is going. If we only travel the path of least resistance to share random thoughts or sights, are we truly experiencing life? If Edgar Allen Poe had a smartphone, would he have written what he did? Would Victor Hugo written the Hunchback of Notre-Dame? I doubt it. But it is from the true people in history that took the time to WRITE things that impact us.

I fear that people today are becoming more dependent on the convenience of being on the path of least resistance than living a true life. It pains me, but only because maybe I'm "old school." I still write by hand, all of my letters with a Waterman pen.

Again, I embrace the advances in technology, but maybe spending some time doing the OLD SCHOOL things is good too.

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