Feb 5, 2013


It took my son asking me to take him to Taco Bell for dinner one night, to remind me of something I've forgotten,  sporks. I was born before man landed on the moon, and the first Woodstock but didn't get introduced to a spork until middle school in 1980. In elementary school, we still used metal utensils, but at middle school, that all changed. In high school, I stopped using a spork because I only went to the salad bar, and we were allowed to have forks. Hadn't used one since. But I digress.

Sometimes the mind wanders, and while walking the dogs the other night, I began to ponder the "history" of the spork, so today I did some "research." I'll summarize it below for some easier reading.

  • Spork is the combination of "spoon and fork"
    • The word first appeared in print in 1909
  • Another name for it is a Foon, a combination of "fork and spoon"
  • Almost identical items (terrapin fork or ice cream fork) were first patented in 1874
  • The "original" sporks also had a knife edge
    • The knife edge was removed for use in schools, prisons, etc.
  • See the link HERE for more information about the history
Sporks have been slowly resurfacing in popularity lately for campers, hunters, and people searching for an easier way to eat lunch at work. I suggest Industrial Revolution or Think Geek if you are searching for a good one.

Good luck in finding what fits your eating needs, and SPORK YOU...

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