Feb 25, 2013

School Menus Have Changed

Back in the 70s the only choices for lunch were to pay 50 cents for what they served, or brown bag it. The menu did not vary from week to week. One day was burgers (aka mystery meat, and NO cheese), every Friday was sheet pizza, another day beefy macaroni, one day was fish sticks or patties, and the other day was always some sort of "spaghetti-like" thing. They were served with a boiled spoonful of mixed veggies, and a piece of bread. The ONLY choices were chocolate or white milk in a cardboard pint, and no cup or straw. Oh yeah, and those trays that look like a TV dinner.

Imagine my surprise when I got to junior high (9th/10th grade), and we could pay 75 cents for the lunch they served OR grab a pre-made tuna or egg salad sandwich, and a milkshake. WOW!!! I opted for the sandwich and milkshake because it took less time waiting in the long line and I to get to the computer lab as quick as possible.

THEN I got to senior high (11th/12th grade). For $1, you could get the regular menu, or grab a sandwich, or (best thing ever) SALAD BAR WITH NO LINE!!! No wonder I graduated as being 5'11" and only 148 pounds.

So what is my point here? I pulled up the menu available from my high school. HOLY CRAP!!! I am glad they are doing it. The students might not be learning what they need to in classes, but at least they can eat healthier, learn to make choices, and schools are taking other considerations to what they offer. They have vegetarian and gluten free options available to everyone.

Based on the picture at the right, you can get the "regular" menu, just an entrée, or even a "premium" meal (more expensive to make, but is still good). There is a Grab & Go, a Chopping Block, a Pizza Express, or even CUSTOM deli sandwiches. DARN, wish I had that option in high school. I'm glad they linked with their Junior Achievement program. Healthy options available, and work ethic. You learn a LOT from the cafeteria if you open you mind.

Most schools serve BREAKFAST. Their menu is better than the one than at a fast food restaurant, coffee shop, or donut shop. The only thing we could get at my school was a pint milk carton, but it is awesome to see schools try to help so many kids today.

As a bottom line, without making you scroll much more, even the recipes that they are making for lunch deserve your diligence. "Back in my day" they were all fast food type foods, but today are making Asian foods, noodle foods, Western Grilling, and Buffalo Spiced food. Check out what the kids are eating, ask them what they like... Not only can you understand them and their desires, but it might lead to to some more easy recipes to make at home.

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