Jan 20, 2013

Futsal Builds Confidence and Ability

My son, like me, started playing soccer at a very young age. He's been playing for several premier leagues for the last 9 years. I coached a couple of seasons when the league needed it, my Dad did it too. We've spent a LOT of time in the living room and backyard passing & juggling the ball. Even my 2 dogs play with the balls that roll around the apartment. Because he likes it, I decided to find better training. A few seasons ago, we discovered futsal. He loves playing and it has improved his soccer skills. He currently plays for HOS Futsal.

To help "define" it, visit this LINK but I'll summarize:
The origin of Futsal (Five-a-Side Soccer) can be traced back to Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1930 when Juan Carlos Ceriani devised a five-a-side version of soccer for youth competition in YMCAs.  The game is played on basketball-sized courts, both indoors and out without the use of sidewalls.
The rules of futsal are a little different than "traditional" soccer, but the point is that it trains new players on the TECHNIQUE and SKILLS of foot skills. Pele played futsal for a few years before he started playing soccer. Plus, they might actually enjoy the very active way the game is played. It is very fast paced and can "turn on the corner," but it is very enjoyable to watch.

I'm so inspired by watching him play, that I am switching over from reffing roller derby to become a futsal ref.

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